Remove Broken, Stripped, Rounded or Damaged Bolt Heads, and Nuts

Spray with Penetrating Oil

Try to use Liquid Wrench, PB Blaster or some other type of penetrating oil.

Remove Stripped Nut or Bolt with Vice Grips

With vice grips you may be able to get a good enough grip on what's left of the bolt to remove it.

File Down or Grind Opposing Edges of the Bolt and Try Vice Grips

You can file down opposing edges of a bolt or nut so that there are 2 flat edges and then try vice grips again. This may be enough to give the vice grips enough of a bite.

Apply Heat

If you have a propane torch you can apply heat to the bolt to help loosen it. Be careful using an open flame around an engine bay or any other location where there could be flammable material.

Weld a Nut to the Stripped Bolt

Remove a Stripped Bolt With a Bolt Out Set

Use a bolt out set, these tend to work best if you have enough room to hammer them onto the stripped bolt.

Bolt Out Sets

  • Craftsman 14-piece Bolt-Out Set with Case
  • Craftsman 10 pc. Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set, Low Profile Bolt-Out
  • Craftsman Bolt-Out 6 pc. Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set
  • Craftsman Bolt-Out 5 pc. Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set

Cut Groove Into the Bolt Head and Use a Straight Blade Screwdriver

Use a hack saw, air cut off tool or a Dremel to cut a grove into the bolt head and then use a straight blade screw driver to remove it.

Cut a Slot in the Bolt and Use an Impact Driver

Cut a slot in the bolt head with a hack saw, cut off tool or Dremel. Once you have the slot cut use a straight blade in a impact driver to help remove the bolt. Be careful not to use this on aluminum or any other materials that are easily damaged.

Impact Drivers

  • Craftsman Impact Driver

Weld a Wrench to the Stripped Bolt

Remove a Bolt With a Snapped Off Head

Drill Out Set

A drill out set should only be used when the head of the bolt has been snapped off and the rest of bolt is recessed in a hole. Be sure to run the drill in reverse when drilling the hole as the bits in drill out sets are meant to run in reverse. Also, make sure to run the drill out very slowly as they are prone to breaking. Make sure to drill the hole in the direct center of the bolt. A center punch can help to make sure you have the exact center of the bolt.

Drill Out Sets

  • Craftsman 4 pc. Drill-Out Power Extractor

Use a Threaded Insert

Drill the bolt out with the proper size drill bit that will fit the Heli-Coil that you need to put in.

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