Remove Stripped Nut or Bolt with Vise Grips

With vise grips you may be able to get a good enough grip on what's left of the bolt to remove it. Locking wrench vise grips are best suited to give you maximum grip on a hex bolt. The second best vise grip for removing a nut or bolt are straight jaw vise grips.

Locking Wrench and Straight Jaw Locking Pliers (Vise-Grip) Comparison

Manufacturer / Model Image Reviews Price Average Customer Rating Length Minimum Jaw Capacity Maximum Jaw Capacity
61 $10.19 4.5 4 in 0.25 in 0.5625 in
37 $15.0 4.8 10 in 0.625 in 1.125 in
43.0 $8.68 4.8 7 in 0.4375 in 0.75 in
132 $12.97 4.6 10 in 1.75 in

File Down or Grind Opposing Edges of the Bolt and Try Vice Grips

You can file down opposing edges of a bolt or nut so that there are 2 flat edges and then try vice grips again. This may be enough to give the vice grips enough of a bite.

Metal File Comparison

Image Price Reviews Average Customer Rating
$3.49 42.0 4.8
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$7.97 11 4.4


Extracting Rounded Bolt Heads and Nuts