Storex Literature Organizer Combined with Storage Containers

This method of organization is the most flexible and cost effective method that I've found. If using the Plano 3700 you get up to 27 small compartments or 3 large compartments that are 13 3/8" long. If a Plano 3700 is used in each slot you'll have a total of 648 slots. You can also not use a storage container and directly store larger items such as sand paper, or shop manuals directly in the Storex Organizer.




  • Cheap Per Bin Cost
  • Easy to Label
  • Can Store Items Up to 13 1/2"


  • Large upfront cost
  • Harbor Freight Bins Can be Frustrating to Close
  • Must set on a shelf or other surface, can't be hung
Metadata Information
Storex Price Storage Container Price Storage Container Compartments
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